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Looping Melody7

I have made some adjustments to the Melody7 track, one being resetting the play of the saved melody back to the beginning after every 4 bars, no matter how many notes have played. This causes a repeat loop of 8 seconds long. If this works, then I will probably add more longer melody tracks. Perhaps a 8 or 16 bar loop. It is the familiarity of the notes that makes the tune stick (or worse, become an ear-worm!). Having the Melody7 being a constantly changing tune provided no comforting familiarity.

As with all the melody tracks, there are 4 separate parts A,B,C & D (or parallel tunes) that are selected at random based on the previous part played (see ensemble57):-

      Only an A or B part will follow an A part (AA or AB)
      Only an A or C part will follow a B part (BA or BC).
      Only an A or a D part will follow a C (CA or CD)
      Only an A or a C part will follow a D (DA or DC)

The maximum number of Melody7 notes on this ensemble is 6. I think a low number like this creates a bit of a basic tune, probably more suited for children, but I shall noodle with more notes to see if they often create enjoyable riffs or licks. The Melody7 track does not start until 33s in .


#238 with a buzzier (saw wave) melody7