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No tune, just contemplating planned song structure

I am now going to spend some time on composition. A normal tune will be verse - chorus - verse - chorus (repeat) verse - chorus - verse - chorus (repeat) and deep house tend to be along the same lines except the verse is called a break and a chorus is called a drop. The drop, like a chorus, is the hook and is often the same melodic pattern repeated throughout.

Currently, I use a 4 minute triangular ramp LFO to bring the amount of notes up (to the drop - where you wave your hands up in the air) and then fade back down to the less complicated break (...and you relax). What I want to do now is to mimic these more common deep-house structures, which will require me to replicate the drop (chorus) rather than allow everything to be random and different from what has played previously. My concern for this is how to iidentify the drop or how to create a hook. Perhaps save the first drop and repeat that one again, rather than randomising another drop.

My breaks are currently at the lower parts of the triangular ramp and the drop at the higher parts of the ramp.

The intro and outro, where a human `dj` would normally be mixing tracks to keep a seamless set, is less important for my AIDJ as it will continue randomising notes until switched off. The ramp creates a crescendo of sound and then eases off for a natural break and periods of less-complicated calm.

I am sure that this contemplation of structure will take months to achieve, so it will be worked on whilst I continue the noodling and the regular updates here plus the occasional youtube update posted. I will of course document all changes and evolutions of the device.