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Buttons and icons
dated 28th June 2017


Read-only page with assistance on the various buttons and what they do.

If you see the cookie icon at the top of the page it means that you have disabled cookies for this or all websites. This will limit the website`s functionality as we use cookies to remember who you are. Many (most) of the following buttons will not appear for you.

You will only see the add/edit icons on a page if you are the author of the page. You will not be able to add, edit or delete paragraphs of text, images or links to a page that you did not author. If you have been granted collaborate rights (each page has a collaboration request key), then you will see the  AddNew button at the top of the right column, where you can create your own pages and edit them.

Set your home page at any point on the tree to ignore everything except that content and only its descendants.
UnSet your set home page and reset back to default home.

Hide any child branches that you have no interest in seeing.
UNhide any hidden branches.

Clicking any of the Breadcrumb names will jump to that page. Mouse hover will show more information on the page.

Social media buttons Facebook StumbleUpon Digg Technorati Google+ Reddit MySpace Twitter LinkedIn (top right of each page) are only available for public pages

Users with access rights to edit pages:-

Add new paragraph to the page
Add new image to the page
Add new internet link to the page. This will automatically create a shrinktheweb image of the page.

Edit your existing paragraphs (or title) on the page
Edit your page synopsys (shows when hovering mouse over breadcrumbs)
Edit your existing image on the page
Edit your existing internet links on the page

In additions to the EDIT buttons, you will also find that you can edit text simply by clicking on it. If it is your page (write rights) the text turns blue and will be in edit mode. Warning: the text needs to be clicked out (so it turns green) before it is automatically saved. If you close the page on blue text, recent changes will be lost.  On mobile phones you can click on the text and use the phone`s dictation facilities to update text on the go. You can click on text or synopsis only, titles, images and links do not have this click-to-edit facility.

Report inappropriate pages to us.
Indicates that you have locked pages for private use. Nobody but you will be able to see these pages.
Indicates that you have opened a page for public viewing.

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