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dated 1st September 2016
This is my project collaboration website.


These are editable web pages of text, pictures and reference links. Each page can have child pages, which authors and collaborators can add to or fork the thread of thought.

And I invite you to collaborate...

If you want to collaborate on any project, each page has a collaboration request key to the right of that page heading. Click on the key to request access to add SUB-PAGES to the page. You will not be able to edit the other person`s page but there is a facility to add comments at the bottom of each page. You can change any pages that you add and you can add further pages to any of your pages and nobody will be able to change any of your pages. If you set any of your pages as `private` then nobody else will be able to see anything on that page. You may then invite other people to collaborate with any of your pages or projects.

In the diagram above, it would be like one of the `thread` colours belongs to you. You can then set your `home` page as one of your pages and ignore everyone else`s pages.

Once you have a page, then you may receive requests from other viewers to collaborate with you. Similarly. they will not be able to edit your page, but if you allow them to collaborate then they will be able to add their own pages below your page. They may enhance your project or fork it in another direction. You may like that, or you might not, but you cannot stop evolution!

You may read the explanation page about the `add` and `edit` buttons here.

`Sibling pages` are listed on the left (except on this home page, as the home page is the single top page). `Child pages` are listed and the breadcrumb trail (above) shows the parent page and all the ancestor pages back to this home page. This provides a complete filing system of all pages and the ability to move around from page to page without getting lost. There is a map facility to provide a full overview too.

Most of my pages are private and therefore hidden from the public. However, all my many documented project pages have been made readable, which you can see on the list above. Each page is then a starting point with its own sub-content pages. Permitted collaborators can add their own pages, which also will be hidden for the collaborator`s private use or publicly readable. 

I may be contacted via the Contact link at the top of the page.

This public/private-page Collaboration management system was written by myself in PHP and is hosted on my web server. To me, a wiki is just lots of web pages connected to each other by linked words. There is no logical flow or relationship between pages. This system is essentially a way to organise page with a parent page, sibling pages and child pages (plus a comment facility on each page). This is ideal to document a project or idea in real time. Contributors can modify the page or suggest changes to the author through the comments. The project can then evolve through the child pages with all alternatives considered and one option (page) favoured  essentially like the tree of life  I can provide you write access to create and modify your own pages, or If you would like to have access to your own private corporate system on my server, or even have the code ported to  your own company LAMP server, please contact me. I am happy to host and maintain and support such a system for your company on my server or build onto your own intranet or hosting server. Anything is possible and everything is negotiable - even custom changes to the code to suit your needs... 

Please note: This website is not perfect. It was hurriedly created from a need for me to document my thoughts and projects specifically for myself. The collaboration facility was a natural evolution of the concept. Now that other people are collaborating on it, I will spend a little more time beautifying it and making it easier and better to use.

Philip Busby